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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.


Sad love story

Sad love story  

Love story

A princess living in the age of the Internet was fond of it, so she sat for hours in front of her device without getting tired or bored, and her heart almost broke when the Internet line was disconnected!! She loved the sites of wonders and strangeness, and roamed the Internet in search of them, and she liked to talk to her friends via the Internet, and she finds in that more fun than just talking to them over the phone or on nature. One day, Amira was practicing her favorite hobby, scouring the Internet from one site to another, and at the same time talking to her friends at school, when one of them told her that she would introduce her to a girl she met on the Internet. Amira refused to talk to young people over the Internet because she considered it morally and religiously inappropriate, and a betrayal of her family's trust in her. And I actually got to know her and found in her a good, pious girl, and I trusted her blindly, and she was talking to her for hours and hours, and she grew increasingly admiring the girl, her behavior, her great manners, and her wonderful ideas about politics and religion, and all the different matters of life. On one occasion, while she was talking to her via the Internet, the girl said to her: “I will confess something to you, but promise me that you will not hate me then,” Amira said immediately: “How do you pronounce the word “hate” when you know how much you love me? You are in the position of my sister.” . The girl said to her: "I will tell you the truth; I am a young man of twenty years old, and I did not mean to deceive you, but I liked you very much, and I did not tell you the truth because I knew that you do not talk to young men." Here, Amira did not know what to do. She felt that something had changed in her, and she felt that her heart had shaken for the first time, but she woke herself up by saying: How do I love on the Internet? And I was the one who was totally opposed to that way of love?” She said to him, “I’m sorry, you are just like my brother.” He said

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Her: "What is important to me is that I love you, and you consider me like your brother. This is a matter that concerns you alone." The days passed and the two of them became increasingly attached to the other, until a day came when a princess fell ill and kept her in bed for a week. When she recovered, she rushed to the Internet, to find her email full of messages, all of them longing and love messages. When I spoke to him, he asked her: “Why did you leave me?” She said to him: I was sick.” He said to her: “Do you not love me?” And here Amira weakened and said for the first time in her life and said: “Yes, I love you and I think of you a lot.” And the conflict began in the heart of a princess and she said: “I betrayed my family’s trust in me, I betrayed the person who He brought me up, and I didn't care about the effort he put in for me." Then she decided to write this letter to the young man: Amira and her family returned to the homeland, and there she began her studies at the university, where she specialized in communications engineering, and the university chose a delegation for the communications exhibition, and Amira was among it. When they left, Amira forgot her lecture book on the table where the company displays its products. The young man who was an employee in the company took the notebook and followed it, but it was lost from his view, so he decided to keep it, perhaps his owner would return to ask about him, and the young man sits with the notebook in his hand and the clock indicates eleven at night, and the exhibition was empty of customers, and while he was sitting, he had the idea of ​​browsing the notebook, to find It has an email name on it. The young man was surprised and turned his pages to find the name of a princess, so he flew with joy, and started running and jumping around the exhibition. And in the morning of the next day, he rushed to the exhibition hoping that a princess would come for her notebook, and indeed a princess would come, and when he saw her, he almost fell from joy, he did not expect his heart to beat for a girl in her beauty. So he gave her the notebook while contemplating her features, and she was amazed at him, so she thanked him with her tongue, but in the heart of herself she was saying about him that he was clumsy because he did not take his eyes away from her face!! Amira went out, and the young man followed her to her house, and he began to ask the neighbors about her and her family, and he came the next day with his family to propose to her, and her family found him a suitable groom for their daughter, as he is of good morals, and pious, and she has a good reputation, but Amira rejected him as she refused before him, because her heart did not beat. Except once, and her family was disappointed, and they told the young man that a princess had rejected him, but he refused their reply, saying: “I will not leave the house until I speak to her.” In the face of the young man's desire, the parents agreed. A princess came and sat down, and he said to her: “Princess, did you not know me!” She said to him: “And from where can I know you!?” He said to her: