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how to get approved on google Adsense

 how to get approved on google Adsense

many people have a lot of problems about google approval . and when i review their sites . i find a set of common and frequent mistakes that they make on their websites . in this article i will show you how to make good articles and how to get approval on google adsense easily . just follow my rules and everything will be gcool for you 

your website 

your site must be open in all the following formats

when you create a site ask yourself . will the visitor be able to easily navigate through teh sections and all pages and all tags and fields 

Pay attention to the blog or website template speed

for the theme it doesn't matter . the only important thing is that it be fast as possible . and responsive . and consistent . this is you should chose a better templae to get fast approval from google adsense 

your content 

the content must be exlusive without relying on remastering or machine translation sites . or rewriting articles website . have in image of your own . make your own pictures . you can create it by using Photoshop or Ilustator . just make sure this pics are yours 

Do not create in offensive content what is bad for google adsense policies 

Number of articles 

your website must have moret han 25 articles . i don't know maybe you can get apprived with less than this number but for a beeter chance just write moret han 25 articles cuz adsense are looking for a good and complete website 


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