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One of the most beautiful stories

One of the most beautiful stories

 She looks at him with regret because he left her while she was in distress. At that time, the girl wanted to talk to him, so she stood right in front of him crying, and the strange thing was that her boyfriend did not care about her and did not even look at her. Her boyfriend, leaning on a stick, skips it for fear of falling. Do you know why? Do you know why? Do you know why her boyfriend became blind Do you remember when acid was spilled on the girl's eyes? Do you remember when he tore the pictures that brought them together, do you remember when he came out of the shop and no one knows where he went, he went to the hospital and asked the doctor about her condition and the doctor told him that she would not be able to look, because she would become blind. 

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Do you know what the young man did? He donated his eyes to her. Yes, he donated his eye to her. He preferred that he be blind and not his girlfriend who is blind. They had an operation during which his eyes were transferred to her, and this operation succeeded. After that, her boyfriend moved away from her so that she could live her life with another young man who could make her happy. He is now blind and will not benefit her with anything. So what happened to the girl when she found out that she fell on the ground and she saw him blind and tears were constantly shedding from her eyes and her boyfriend walked in front of her and he didn't know who the girl was crying and the young man went one way and the girl went another way Oh my God Is it possible for love to reach this degree Was he in love with her To this limit