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The story of the owner of Binance

The story of the owner of Binance

The world witnessed the emergence of many commercial, industrial and electronic companies, which were behind their inception motivating stories that many do not know. Some of us who have not heard of Facebook have all done so, but who among us knows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the company, of course, none of us did, WhatsApp, Apple or Nike And many companies that have experienced significant growth, and we see their success rate today 

Binance site

But our topic is not about Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, or any of them, but rather about the Binance trading company, which is now accessible to everyone and you can now use it, and it is not only for currency trading, but also to send money to your distant friend through this platform, which will not cost you anything at all.

The story of the owner of the Binance website is one of the motivating stories that we rarely hear, as the owner was poor at first and did not know anything about the Internet and trading and never imagined that he would become a millionaire and known to everyone around the world 

The story of the establishment of this company began when he heard his friends talking about digital currencies and that they are the ones that will sweep the electronic market and that will become the required currency in the future. The owner of the Binance website is now with this idea and started thinking about this idea and loved it. He began to think and think and think about the possibility of its success and he fell In love with this idea, he can't sleep because of it 

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The next day our friend woke up to sell his house and buy many cryptocurrencies, the price of which was low at that time, and do you know what happened? Surely he lost and no longer has anything? Everyone who sees him laughs at him and tells him that he sold his house and it was in good condition and now he no longer owns Something and its owner ignored all these words and focused on his work more 

One day, he woke up to the news that the currencies he had bought had risen in price and became rich by doing it. The idea came to him to own a company that specializes in sending money online. He studied in depth this matter until he became aware of it and professional in it. Indeed, he designed this site and it is now a site used by millions around the world.